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Article: Best Mods For Audi A6/S6 2012 - 2018 | CAP

Best Mods For Audi A6/S6 2012 - 2018 | CAP

Best Mods For Audi A6/S6 2012 - 2018 | CAP

The C7 and C7.5 Audi A6 3.0Ts are seriously cool cars for Audi enthusiasts, especially if you're into getting a bit more oomph out of your ride. They hit the markets in North America and Canada between 2012 and 2018, and now they're an amazing deal due to their lower prices.

These models stand out with their sleek and classic design. Under the hood, they boast the 3.0T Supercharged V6 engine, known for its reliability and power.

Driving these cars is where the fun really starts. With the Quattro system, you get great handling and traction. And for those who love tweaking their cars, a few upgrades from trusted brands like Canadian Auto Performance can really make these cars perform at the level of newer, pricier models.

The best part is, you can get your hands on one for less than $20,000. For Audi fans who enjoy a bit of tuning, it's a fantastic choice!

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Supercharger Pulley

If you want things to spin quicker and boost to kick sooner, upgrading your supercharger pulley is the way to go. For those of you who don't know we will break it down to you in 3 simple steps:

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What is a Supercharger?

A Supercharger is a mechanical - and more lately electronic air compressor most usually driven by the crankshaft. Unlike its turbo sibling which makes power with respect to the exhaust gasses, causing turbo lag, superchargers compress air before it enters the chamber.

Supercharger setups usually feature twin-scrolled rotors which compress more dense air into the intake. It's this compressed air that makes Dodge Chargers sound like Demons! With this principle in mind, forcing more air is the way to go with these engines. Not to mention the supercharger whining noises.

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How Does A Smaller Supercharger Pulley Help Make More Power?

As our fellas at Donut Media like to say: More Air = More Powa!

The answer is easy here. Because your supercharger is driven by the crankshaft, replacing your OEM pulley to a smaller diameter pulley would mean that for a full engine rotation your supercharger will spin faster. Faster supercharger spinning equals more air, in turn more power.

This has to be professionally matched with the correct mapping. It's highly recommended to get a supercharger pulley upgrade after having done your software tuning, or both at the same time would be even better.

The most realistic upgrade you will see will be on the throttle responsiveness and torque. The reason behind this is that everyone has a different setup when it comes to intake, software or other mods! A guaranteed increase is definitely the throttle response because the supercharger will output greater boost which is ready to kick in anytime in supercharged cars.

Secondly, the one reason supercharger fans are proud off is torque in high rpm and that supercharger whine. With a smaller pulley going from 3,000 RPM to full throttle is more responsive vs a turbo car. Not to mention that the faster the supercharger spins the nicer the whine becomes.

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Crank Pulley Upgrade

Very similar in theory to what we talked about in the supercharger pulley upgrade, a crank pulley upgrade for the V6 Audi 3.0T will boost power significantly. The theory is the same here, the engine will spin faster. Depending on the diameter you decide to go with your setup numbers will change.

Usually the Crank Pulley Upgrade and the supercharger pulley upgrade come as a supplement to each other. This is because on the Audi 3.0T, the supercharger is driven by the Crank Pulley. Decide to go with a smaller diameter Crank Pulley and you’re set up for sharp, aggressive engine supercharger whines and a significant increase in boost.

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Test Pipes

If you don't want all that power to go to waste, a test pipe is the way to go. The 3.0T’s sound absolutely loud with the right exhaust setup. Now there are drawbacks to installing test pipes, maily being state regulations. States like California emissions regulations will hold you back on getting test pipes as the car will emit more gasses as there is no catalytic converter.

Another thing is the sound, some people love it, some don’t. Its a matter of preference at the end of the day.

The one reason you would want your 3.0T downpipes/ catalytic converter replaced with a test pipe is keeping it safe with the engine.

We have done a full article on why the Audi 3.0T Downpipes fail so often, and the short answer to that is the location and back pressure they build. Audi just did a bad job engineering the downpipes for the 3.0T to the point that one day or another they will clog and when they will blow your engine. These downpipes are located right after the engine block and it's pretty common for almost a lot of people who own 3.0T’s to have failing downpipes.

Test pipes are a good solution to that and Can Auto Performance is the best in business when it comes to 3.0T test pipes. To date we haven’t had a single crack or failure to these pipes.

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Resonator Delete

If you don't want your car to sound like a 1000 cammed horses even when in idle, going with performance downpipes is the midpoint for most people. We have just described above how installing test pipes can save your engine with if you have gutted cats.

If you want to keep your original catalytic converters but want a bit more punch on the exhaust system - 

If you have that sorted but don't want your car to sound too loud and affect your daily driving, our 3.0T downpipes offer a solid sound when flooring your A6.

This is one of the easiest mods to do maily because we offer everything needed for this mod. C7 A6 come in 2.25" exhaust tube so in our kit you will find the kit to make everything fit like a glove.

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Heat Exchanger

Another great mod, if not to say a must have mod for any 3.0T is an upgraded heat exchanger. The main reason you would want one of these is that it will help you achieve the better results if you’re planning to do mods into your Audi 3.0T

Same logic goes with the 4.0-Liter S6/S7. If you want to protect the health of these engines, an upgraded heat exchanger is the way to go. Keeping your engine temperatures low is a super important indication on power and engine performance.

A stock heat exchanger won’t be able to handle temperatures above 80 degree celsius as well as a bigger heat exchanger. The principle here is, the bigger the heat exchanger, the better. The longer your floor your stock 3.0T to higher temperatures the more likely it will be for your car to cut timing, put pressure on the intercooler.

Heat is also not good for engine health in the long run which is why Audi owners who live in countries like Florida, Arizona, California, Texas or even Australia get a heat exchanger as a first mod.

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Driveshaft Carrier

This tiny driveshaft carrier for the Audi 3.0T will do more wonders than you think. For those unfamiliar with the term, a driveshaft carrier for Audi A6 C7 is a bushing that holds your driveshaft in place without too much movement.

Audi has already done a good job when it comes to the drivetrain of their quattro system but it's made for comfort, not a tuner's quarter mile. So if you want to get maximum output and protect your rear driveshaft in the long run, the JBX Driveshaft Carrier For the Audi 3.0T is the way to go.It's inexpensive and easy to install.

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Software Tune

We always recommend getting a tune done at a professional shop with a dyno. This is the safest and best bet you got with these engines, especially if you live in Canada and North America.

Some chiptunes come right off the box and can be flushed at home but little to no software companies will hold the line if something goes wrong with your car. The good thing is that you can always flash back to stock but you won't ever know the exact numbers your car will output.

Go get a professional software tune, dyno your car and keep everything safe. It's the best bang for your buck upgrade for almost any car out there and you will feel the change on your first ride.

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Cold Air Intake

To wrap the list, a cold air intake will make your 3.0T sound nice, get a little jump on boost and horsepower, look good under the hood as well as keep your costs of replacing the air filter low. Once you’re in with a good setup, the cone filters can be washed and reused. On top of producing the hearty sounds everyone loves, this is by far the easiest mod you can do to your 3.0T.

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Honeycomb Grille & Carbon Fiber Mirrors

Hey Audi enthusiasts, are you looking to give your A6 a more stylish, upscale look? Look no further than our latest offerings at Canadian Auto Performance. We’re excited to introduce our top-selling items: the Honeycomb Grille and Carbon Fiber Mirrors. These aren’t just any cosmetic mods; they're game-changers.

Buy Your 2012-2015 Audi A6/S6 Honeycomb Grill With Quattro Lower Mesh Here

The Honeycomb Grille will give your Audi A6 an aggressive yet sophisticated front-end appearance, making it a standout on any road. And the Carbon Fiber Mirrors? They're the perfect blend of modern style and elegance, accentuating the sleek lines of your Audi. When you equip your ride with these upgrades, you're not just driving a car; you're making a statement. Whether you're navigating through city streets or cruising on the highway, these enhancements will turn heads and elevate the presence of your Audi A6. Check them out and see how they can transform your car into a true piece of art on wheels.

Buy Your Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap For 2012-2018 Audi A6/S6 Here

RS6 Front Bumper Conversion

RS6 Front Bumper Conversion Audi RS6 Front Bumper Conversion Audi A6 S6 2012 - 2018
If you're looking to breathe new life to your 2012-2015 Audi A6, going with a RS6 front facia can never go wrong. We have a wide variety of options when it comes to making such an upgrade, and the best part?

You don't need to change headlights or make extra efforts to install on your current setup. For the RS6 front bumper listed in picture you can look at our C7 RS RS6 BUMPER - V2. If you have a facelifted A6, the C7.5 A6 made from 2016-2018, our 2016-2018 C7.5 AUDI A6/S6 CAP FRONT BUMPER is needed.

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