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Article: Benefits Of Adding A High Flowing Turbo Inlet | Audi 3.0T

Benefits Of Adding A High Flowing Turbo Inlet | Audi 3.0T

Benefits Of Adding A High Flowing Turbo Inlet | Audi 3.0T

Are you wondering if installing a high flowing turbo inlet is worth the dollar? Gear up as here at Canadian Auto Performance we love car mod discussions, especially when it comes to making more power!

Today we will answer frequently asked questions about turbo inlet pipe upgrades, when its time to upgrade and what the numbers look like.  If you’re here for the short answer - we highly recommend a high flowing turbo inlet. Wanna learn more about the how and why? Keep reading to find out more.

What is A Turbo Inlet?

turbo inlet pipe

The turbo inlet pipe is what connects the intake to the turbo. Simple as that.  It serves as the entry point for fresh air, channeling it into the turbocharger. Essentially, the turbo inlet's job is to ensure that the turbocharger gets a steady supply of air, allowing it to operate efficiently and deliver boosted air to the engine.

More air will burn more fuel and in return make more power. It's easier said than done, that's why upgrades are sometimes biased by other factors.

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What Is Turbo Inlet Collapse?

Turbo inlet collapse can be a sneaky issue. Typically, it remains unnoticed until you go on higher engine loads and boost doesn’t really kick anymore. Think about it as a bottleneck, restricting greater airflow to be drawn into the engine. This is the number 1 reason people upgrade to high flowing turbo inlet pipes.

Now here comes the biased opinion. For stock intake and turbo setups, the stock turbo inlet will work just as well. As you start modding your car with a bigger intercooler, bigger turbo, cold air intake - things start to come at a point where every mod is essential.

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Are Aftermarket Turbo Inlets Worth It?

From our experience, as a brand that specializes in aftermarket parts, the answer is a resounding 'yes.' Take, for instance, our high-flowing inlet pipe designed for the Audi 3.0T, has been tried and tested as a must have mod for any Audi with the 3.0T.

Our aftermarket turbo inlet pipe comes with the best pricing you can find on the market. Made of high quality material, plug and play design, our Audi 3.0T high flowing turbo inlet pipe becomes a must.

As mentioned before, installing an aftermarket turbo inlet is worth the investment if you plan to go with more mods in the future.

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Benefits Of Adding A High Flowing Turbo Inlet Pipe

  • Turbo Spool: Experience a noticeable difference in turbo spool time, giving you that power when you need it.
  • Responsive Throttle: Say goodbye to lag. Our turbo inlet offers improved throttle response, making your driving experience more seamless.
  • Better Airflow:: Designed for efficiency, our turbo inlet ensures your engine breathes better.
  • Hearty Turbo Noise: Embrace the raw, exhilarating turbo sounds that every enthusiast craves.
  • Plug & Play: Our OEM-style connections ensure that integration is smooth and straightforward.
  • Comprehensive Kit: We provide a new O-ring and bolts, ensuring you have everything you need for a hassle-free installation.
  • Effortless Installation: Our design ensures a plug-and-play experience, making the upgrading process a breeze.
  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted from aluminum, our turbo inlet outclasses the plastic OEM version in terms of longevity and resilience.

Things You Need To Consider When Buying A High Flowing Turbo Inlet Pipe

  • Fitment: Ensure the turbo inlet you are considering is designed specifically for your vehicle model.
  • Compatibility: Some inlets might not work well with other modifications or certain engine setups.
  • Material: Durability is crucial. Look for inlets made from high-quality materials that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Check the flow rate and ensure it matches your performance needs.

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