2018-2019 B9 Audi A5/S5 CAP Front Bumper | 2023 B9.5 Audi RS5 Bumper - V3

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Main Grille:
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC):
Gloss Black Front Lip:

***In Stock & Ready to Ship!***

Give Your 2018-2019 Audi A5/S5 The B9.5 Style RS Front End It Needs

CAP is proud to introduce the new facelift B9.5 RS5 bumper for the prefacelift B9 Audi A5 and S5! With this beautifully designed bumper, you can give your B9 Audi A5/S5 a full facelift and make it have the aggressive styling of a 2023 RS5.

Please note that this will give your B9 A5/S5 the facelift 2023 RS5 look. If you want the pre-facelift 2018-2019 B9 RS5 look, we also have that CAP bumper available for purchase.

This is our V3 - Version 3 RS5 style bumper available. We are busy here at CAP to provide you styling specifically tailored for your needs!

Comes with all black B9.5 RS5 Grille

License plate frame is removable. License plate frame may not be included. Grille has holes to mount license plate frame.
Grille is compaitable with vehicles equipped with front cameras.

Product Variations

Please note that if your car does have ACC, to choose the variant with ACC, as it will come with brackets to support your OEM ACC.
If your car does not have ACC, it will come without brackets and dummy sensors for the fog grilles.

This is an aftermarket product, not OEM, sold by Canadian Auto Performance, made of polypropylene (PP).

All bumpers are sold unpainted and thus must be prepared and painted by a professional body shop that deals with aftermarket products. It is the professional body shop’s responsibility to do the necessary preparation needed, including checking fitment of the bumper before painting. Custom preparation including but not limited to sanding and trimming may be needed before using primer, paint and ultimately installing the bumper.

A professional body ship is required to handle the installation of this bumper because they require fitment and trimming of accessories for installation on some products. 

Vehicle Fitment:

 AUDI B9 - 2018-2019 A5
B9 - 2018-2019 S5

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