2018-2020 FY B9 Audi RSQ5 Honeycomb Grille | B9 Audi Q5, SQ5

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Front Camera:

Change the look of your Audi's front end drastically with this beautiful RS Style honeycomb grille from Canadian Auto Performance. Make your Audi Q5 or SQ5 get the honeycomb look and look like an RS Q5!

Change the look of your B9 Audi Q5 or SQ5's front end drastically with this beautiful RS Q5 style grille. Equipped with a lower frame, this grille is a simple and not difficult to install modification that will make your Audi Q5/SQ5 stand out from the crowd.

Fits both Q5 non S-Line & Q5 S-Line.
Compatible with vehicles with front cameras.

Grille comes with black rings for black grilles, silver rings with silver frame grille.

We offer 2 styles of honeycomb grilles for the B9/FY Q5/SQ5 vehicles, this is the version we refer to as our "Plain" version which as no lower frame or Quattro at the bottom. Please check out our other version which does have the lower frame at the bottom with the optional to use Quattro sticker. 

*License Plate Frame is removable. License plate frame may not be included.
*Does NOT include RSQ5 badge. For demonstration purposes only.

Vehicle Fitment:

 AUDI 2018-2020 Q5
 AUDI 2018-2020 SQ5

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