2016-2018 C7.5 Audi A7, S7 - CAP Carbon Fiber Diffuser - V1

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Car Model:

C7.5 Audi A7 S-Line, S7: ETA of Stock is June 21, 2023
C7.5 Audi A7 Non S-Line:
ETA of Stock is June 21, 2023

High Quality Carbon Fiber Diffuser For 2016-2018 Audi A7

Enhance the look of your Audi with the CAP Carbon Fiber Diffuser. Made with high quality carbon fiber, this diffuser will enhance the sporty look of your Audi will still remaining elegant.

2 Variants: S-Line & Non S-Line

Please choose the appropriate car model when ordering this diffuser. 2016-2018 C7.5 A7 S-Line & S7 have the same fitment. The 2016-2018 C7.5 A7 non S-Line is different. 

Please also note that the design is similar but different amongst the S-Line & non S-Line diffusers. 

Wiring Instructions:

*The actual light has been upgraded to a refreshed, nicer LED, as seen in some of the pictures. If there is any confusion, please email us.*

Brake Light Wiring:
Red is the live wire.
Black is the ground wire.
Yellow is the brake light wire.

Install Instructions Disclaimer:

Professional install of this carbon diffuser by someone who has aftermarket product experience is required. 
Rear bumper must be removed to install this carbon fiber diffuser properly.
Set screws may be required around the corners to ensure best fitment.

Please carefully choose the right model of your vehicle, as the A7 non S-Line has different fitment compared to the A7 S-line/S7.

Vehicle Fitment Guide:

AUDI C7.5 2016-2018 A7 non S-Line
AUDI C7.5 2016-2018 A7 S-Line
C7.5 S7

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