CAP Can Auto Performance O2 Spacers 180 Degree - Set of 2 (Pair)

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***Free Shipping to lower 48 USA***

CAP Can Auto O2 spacers with real precious metal Catalytic Converters lengthen the distance between the O2 spacers.

These are straight O2 spacers, also known as 180 degree O2 spacers.

One order of an O2 spacer will come with a set of 2 (pair).

Oxygen sensors can occasionally trigger a CEL on stock vehicles due to the new advances of technology and would require an O2 spacer to bring the vehicle back to equilibrium and allow the ECU to read exhaust gases within the proper threshold.

Note: There is no guarantee these will work but they do increase the chances of working as intended. For the 3.0T Audi Supercharged V6, we've had amazing results with these. 

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