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Article: The Founding of Canadian Auto Performance - Test Pipes Origin

The Founding of Canadian Auto Performance - Test Pipes Origin

The Founding of Canadian Auto Performance - Test Pipes Origin

You’ve seen the Tik Tok videos, the Instagram reels, the forums raving about the world famous Canadian Auto Performance test pipes made for the Audi 3.0T Supercharged V6. But what you may not know that the whole company at Canadian Auto Performance was founded based on these test pipes! Yes - the journey of CAP started for the search for the perfect performance upgrades.

Two Best Friends, Two B8.5 Audi S4’s and Brand X Cracked Test Pipes

It all started over a decade ago back in 2013, when one of our co-founders, Dardan, purchased his B8.5 Audi S4. Years later of driving it stock, his best friend, Saif, also purchased the same car. Both 2013 B8.5 Audi S4s equipped with the beautiful 6 Speed Manual Transmission.

In 2016, they started to go crazy and modify their B8.5 S4’s with every product under the sun. From carbon front lips, to diffusers, to upgraded pulleys, to methanol injection, to upgraded throttle bodies. Everything that was available to upgrade, they did it. Including test pipes, from a brand that will not be named. Both Audi enthusiasts drove their cars very fast and tested the very reliable 3.0T Supercharged V6 very well. Everything was great, until, just a few months after installing their test pipes - they cracked, on both cars, within a week of each other.

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The brand whose test pipes that cracked, refused to warranty them. So, the future CAP founding team decided to purchase test pipes from another brand. Again, fast forward a few months, same story, both test pipes cracked, again within a short time from each other. Same thing again - no warranty.

The future founders of CAP had some of, if not the fastest B8.5 S4 6MT in the world at the time, and they truly tested their cars to the limit, but were now unable to drive their cars because stock cats were too dangerous to run and all test pipes on the market were clearly too unreliable to run to.

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The Beginning of the first Canadian Auto Performance Product: Test Pipes

Two passionate Audi enthusiasts, faced with a lack of reliable test pipe options for their B8.5 Audi S4s, decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. CAP's founders were victims of cracked test pipes on their fully modded dual pulley setups, and this experience fuelled their determination to engineer a superior solution.

So with two monster B8.5 S4’s in their disposal, but no way to drive them reliability, the future founders of CAP decided to do the only thing they thought was right: engineer a pair of test pipes that will work, and work for a very long time. Just for themselves.

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Everyday that went by, the co-founders could not drive their dream B8.5 S4’s. So they had some sleepless nights to engineer some test pipes just for themselves. Engineer, design, put into production and finally test. Fast forward a few months - they were installed on both B8.5 S4’s. Fast forward a few months from then, and absolutely no issues with them. Every time they did a few pulls, they were always scared they would hear something funky from their exhaust but thankfully their fears never came true. The first version of test pipes they engineered worked and worked perfectly well.

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Everyone in the Audi world

Years later, a few revisions later, Canadian Auto Performance now has the #1 best selling test pipes in the world.

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