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Article: Best B9 S5 Mods

Best B9 S5 Mods

Best B9 S5 Mods

If you're in the loop, you know the B9 Audi S5 is the next-gen upgrade from the OG B8 S5. Rolled out in 2017 and is still killing it in the market. Built on Volkswagen Group's MLG platform, it's rocking a 3.0 single turbo TFSI engine which makes decent horsepower, but we're here for more.Audi S5 B9 Engine 3.0T

Fresh out the gate, this beastly 3.0 TFSI with its twin-scroll turbocharger is pushing a solid 349 hp and 369 lb-ft. And yes, it's both lighter and packs more punch than the supercharged 3.0 V6 from the B8 S5 days.

It also looks better and if you ask us, this is the perfect blend of hatchback and sedan all in one place. Today we will cover some of the best mods you can do to make your S5 sound better, grip harder and pull semis out of snowbanks.

We’ve all seen those videos and we’re proud to say Audi Quattro is the best, but it needs a little bit of help to get there.

How to Make Your B9 Audi S5 Faster?

Audi S5 B8.5

Can Auto Performance was born out of a passion and a problem. Two buddies, both mad about their B8 S5s, were constantly let down by test pipes that would crack, sound off, or rust out. Frustrated but fueled, they decided to change the game. That's how CAP stepped up, crafting the world's premier test pipes and putting Canadian Auto Performance on the map.

At our core, we've always been Audi addicts with a soft spot for top-notch mods. We just needed a space dedicated to German car tweaks, so we made one. Today, if you're talking Audi mods, we're the go-to authority. No question about it.

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B9 Audi S5 Performance Mods List by Can Auto Performance

  1. Downpipe
  2. Air Intake
  3. ECU Tune
  4. Intercooler
  5. RS5 Bumper & Grill


Audi S5 B9 Downpipe

The Good & The Bad & The Ugly

Downpipe is what sits between your turbo and the entire exhaust system. The factory standard? It comes with a restricting catalytic converter. While it's great for keeping emissions in check, it's not the best mate for optimal engine performance.

The Bad? Back pressure

Now, if you're thinking a downpipe alone is going to skyrocket your car's power, hold that thought. On its own, the gains might be modest. But bring in a tune and some quality bolt-on mods, and you're looking at a potential power boost of 40hp+.

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Catless vs High-Flow

The catless vs. high-flow catted downpipe debate is all over the internet. Here's the bottom line: if you're in a strict-emissions state, play it safe with the high-flow. If not, the catless is your ticket to minimizing back pressure.

Our Pro Tip

A downpipe might seem like just another metal tube, but don't fall for that eBay trap. Trust in reputable aftermarket brands, and this is where we come in. We’ve done a ton of research and design to ensure your car gets the maximum airflow and performance boost. Our B9 S5 downpipe is tried and tested. Don’t take our word for it, the whole internet is buzzing about our downpipes and test pipes being the best!

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Air Intake

s5 b9

Jumping into the deep end of aftermarket debates, let's chat about cold air intakes. Look, we're all for mods – the more the merrier. But let's be real, the price tag can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow. That's where we come in.

Our B9 S5 cold air intake system isn't just about aesthetics or performance – it's about delivering both without burning a hole in your pocket. Tailored for the Audi B9 S5, this beast not only amplifies that addictive turbo spool soundtrack as you cycle through gears but also ensures a fresher, cooler air supply, making your ride look and feel more or less like an RS5.

But wait, there's more. The magic of a cold air intake is truly unlocked when you pair it with a turbo intake pipe that's all about flow, topped off with a Stage 1 ECU remap. Combine these, and you're not just driving a car, you're commanding a powerhouse straight out of the box.

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ECU Tune

ecu tuning


When contemplating an ECU tune, it's worth noting that there are numerous at-home options available online. These DIY solutions offer flexibility, especially since they allow users to revert to the original map if the car doesn't perform as anticipated. However, while our offerings do not currently include this specific mod, we believe in a more meticulous approach.

Dyno Testing & Chip Tuning By A Professional Shop

S5 B9 in dyno

For optimal results, we recommend consulting a specialized dyno shop. By placing your vehicle on a dyno , professionals can provide a comprehensive assessment, detailing both 'before' and 'after' performance metrics, such as horsepower and torque. This method ensures that your vehicle is not only fine-tuned but also operating at its highest potential.

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s5 b9 intercooler

Intercoolers Can’t Push The Needle On Their Own

When it comes to the pursuit of real power in your vehicle, one mod that often flies under the radar is the aftermarket intercooler. Now, let's get one thing straight. Never expect a B9 S5 Intercooler to be the power booster on its own. It's not the typical performance mod; it's more about enhancing reliability and efficiency.

What sets an aftermarket intercooler apart is its size, with options like Canadian Auto Performance B9 S5 intercooler boasting a whopping 134% increase in surface area compared to the factory version.

Why Does Intercooler Size Matter?

S5 B9 Intercooler Upgrade

Well, more power in your engine means more heat production, and that's where things can get tricky. Heat soak, the Achilles heel of power gains, starts creeping in when you push your engine harder. If you're genuinely committed to unlocking more power and ensuring your engine's longevity, investing in an aftermarket intercooler is a must.

RS5 Bumper & Grill

RS5 B9 Bumper and Grill

To wrap it all up, we also recommend our RS5 Bumper & Honeycomb Grill, a mod that instantly transforms your car's appearance, giving it the sleek look of the RS5. It's often the first choice for many enthusiasts and stands out as one of the finest exterior upgrades you can make to any S5.

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